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Permanent Eye Liner

Eye Liner

You are going to be totally spoiled with your eyeliner. No more pulling on delicate eye tissue to apply or remove your eyeliner. Imagine not having smeared or smudged eyeliner. For gorgeously defined eyes or delicate eyelash enhancement, permanent eyeliner is your answer.

The color is applied using an applicator specially designed for facial micropigmentation. This instrument gives us the highest degree of control for fine detailed work. Permanent eyeliner is applied with sterile supplies and topical anesthetics. Color is placed along the upper and lower eyelash margin (between the eyelashes) giving you a 'fuller and darker lash' look. This creates a soft subtle halo around the eyes. The effect is similar to the buildup of mascara at the base of the lashes.

Lash enhancement is a more natural look that many people prefer. Other people desire a more dramatic make-up look. In this case, color is placed in between the lashes and above the lashes. If you are not sure which look you prefer we highly recommend a conservative approach. A more natural line can be applied during your initial visit. Later, if you decide to increase the thickness and/or darken your liner we can do that during your follow-up/touchup visit (within 4-6 weeks).

What should I expect? The procedure takes approximately 2 hours. Topical anesthetic is applied to desensitize the lids and make the procedure more comfortable. Immediately, after the procedure your eyelids will be puffy and slightly red. The amount of swelling varies from client to client but usually everyone leaves the clinic looking as if they've had a good cry. Your permanent eyeliner will appear thicker and darker initially. As the area heals you'll notice some of the color (scabs) flaking off which usually occurs during the first week. This is normal and to be expected.