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Q. What is Permanent Make-Up?

A. Permanent Make-Up is a non-surgical micro-procedure known as Micropigmentation. Tiny droplets of custom blended colors are skillfully deposited into the dermal layer of the skin to simulate natural looking or well-defined make-up. This process is a selective art form of traditional tattooing whereby the natural features of the face are enhanced and defined in the form of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and/or lip liner and color. The results are beautiful, immediate and permanent! A refreshingly, radiant yet natural look is achieved that cannot be duplicated by traditional cosmetics. Each treatment is as unique as the individual receiving it.

Q. Is Micropigmentation for you? Who benefits from Permanent Make-Up?

A. Women with active lifestyles wanting the timesaving convenience from the daily routine of applying make-up

Q. Is Permanent Make-Up safe?

A. All procedures are performed with one-time disposable supplies and follow strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines as required by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and OSHA regulations. Refer to the OSHA web site for more information. Superb instrumentation and topical anesthetics are now available making Permanent Make-Up a safe procedure.

Q. Is infection possible?

A. Even with a minor scratch infection is possible. However, there should be no major complications. You must keep the area clean and follow your after care instructions.

Q. What color or shape should I choose?

A. You have choices! There is an array of beautiful colors to choose from. Colors are custom blended then the shape and shading are designed to enhance your unique features.

Q. How long will the procedure take?

A. Depending on the area of application, the procedure will take from one to two hours. Most people require at least one follow-up/touch-up session within 6 to 8 weeks.

Q. Is the procedure uncomfortable?

A. In most cases discomfort is minimal. Procedures are performed with the most effective topical anesthetics providing near total numbing of the area to minimize any discomfort you may feel.

Q. What can I expect after the procedure?

A. Expect slight swelling and redness. Usually the swelling subsides within 48 hours. Initially, your permanent make-up will appear darker, brighter and thicker than what it will heal to. In most cases, people leave our clinic looking as if they had been crying excessively after an eyeliner procedure. After a brow procedure the area appears dark and slightly red. Slight swelling to moderate swelling is normal after a lip color procedure.

Q. How long will my Permanent Make-Up last?

A. Your permanent make-up can last for several years depending on your skin type and how well you care for it. Over time the color will lighten and you may desire to have the color refresh

Q. Are there consent forms or medical forms to fill out?

A. Yes. All consent and medical forms must be completely filled out before your actual procedure.

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